A small product design studio.

Lucid Ideas is the design and development studio of George Terezakis, based in Lincolnshire, in the UK. We specialise in digital product design and UX/UI design for the web and mobile devices.

We help our customers research, design, develop and launch digital products of all shapes or sizes. We strive to create simple, clean and usable products that provide a delightful & resonant experience to their users.


We’re a multidisciplinary studio serving agencies, corporations and start-ups around the world. We can either work independently, integrate seamlessly into our clients’ teams, or create a new team to handle the needs of your project.

  • Strategy

    We can help you distill an abstract product idea into a well-defined digital product with specific requirements, clear features, and well-defined information architecture.

    • Requirements analysis/scoping
    • User/competition research
    • Product/UX strategy
    • Naming/branding
  • Design

    We can design and implement the user interfaces that will bring your product to life and make sure your product works well, remains usable, and looks consistently good on all devices.

    • UI/UX design
    • Web/mobile design
    • Design systems
    • Automation/Design ops
  • Engineering

    Either working independently, or with a team of trusted collaborators, we can help you create the infrastructure your product needs, launch it, keep it working flawlessly, and help it grow.

    • Front-end development
    • API development
    • Mobile development
    • Content management

Our clients

These are some of the companies that have trusted us over the years:

  • Qualco
  • Chelsea FC
  • Upstream
  • MTV Greece
  • Workable
  • Interseas
  • Minerva Marine
  • InternetQ
  • Akazoo
  • Radiojar
  • Menta 88 fm
  • Spotlight POS
  • Siemens Greece
  • Minimob
  • Karlis wheels & tires
  • Pepper 96.6 fm
  • Pinnatta
  • Zamba
  • Native.one
  • Interaxis
  • Coinomi
  • Coinomi
  • Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe

Work with us

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