Simple, clean, usable websites


My name is George and I’m a computer engineer. I grew up in Athens, Greece and studied in Chania, Crete. I have worked in Greece for about 15 years and for the past few years I'm based in North East Lincolnshire in the UK.

Besides software engineering I was always interested in design and UX, so I try to dabble in both worlds. I've been involved in all stages of design, planning and implementation of web projects ranging from simple web sites to large-scale web applications.

Nowadays, I mostly work as a front-end & UX engineer. I'm a member of the Eresus team and a co-founder of Radiojar. Currently working full-time on Radiojar.

Services Offered

  • Interface design & UX I can help you shape your product's web front-end so that it's usable and works well (while still looking good) and ties seamlessly with your back end systems.
  • Web design & development I can design and build your web site or web application, small or large. Depending on the project, I can work alone or with your existing team, or build a new team to execute your project. I mostly work with Django, Drupal or Perch depending on project size & requirements.

Work Samples